Engineering Management

Engineering Management (EM), as its name suggests, bridges the gap between engineering and management. The discipline involves the overall management of organizations oriented to manufacturing, construction, engineering, technology, or production. Applying the principles of EM enables engineers to work and lead effectively in the business environment.

A degree in EM provides a technical-based alternative to traditional business degrees. As a student, you’ll complete specialized courses in such areas as management of technology, product and process, and quality control to supplement broader courses in organizational management, operations, marketing, and finance.

Program Learning Objectives

The objectives of the master’s program in engineering management are to ensure that graduates:

  • Work and lead effectively in the business environment by applying EM principles in the overall management of organizations oriented to manufacturing, construction, engineering, technology, or production.
  • Coordinate critical organizational functions—organizational management and behavior, operations, project management, marketing, cost and quality control, finance, staff, technical requirements, engineering contract management—and supervise technical development while maintaining high performance.
  • Prepare to take the exam for certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP), offered by the Project Management Institute to further establish professional credentials.

Program Format

We offer five sessions per year, with students taking one to four courses per semester. Courses meet one night per week, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm Eastern Time.


Students in the online master’s programs typically take 1 course per ten-week session. Students may choose to double up and take up to 2 courses in any of the standard ten-week sessions.

  • Spring-1: January-March
  • Spring-2: March-May
  • Fall-1: August-October
  • Fall-2: October-December

there is also an optional five week accelerated Summer session from June-July

Course order is determined by advisors based on what is available each session and previous course completions. Deviation from the course recommendations is generally not permitted; requests for an exception must be received prior to the registration date for that session.

Registration is processed by the SEAS-OOCP office directly; details are provided to students via email approximately one month prior to the start of classes each session, and books are mailed to the address on file.

Students who register late or change schedules after the registration date are responsible for purchasing the required book at their own cost.


For more information about program tuition and financial aid for the M.S. in Engineering Management, please click here.


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